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This section is different, these are tracks that are “BOOTLEG” copies taken from the mixing desk “on the night”, “at the venue” or recorded by the audience on remote devices.

The Pigbag track was recorded at Oakengates Town Hall when it was allowed to hold 1000 persons at an event. The Miami crew had two drummers on stage and a four piece brass plus an additional harmonica player – wicked sound that night.

The other tracks were recorded at various other venues.

Coming soon some very “OLD” tape tracks that have been digitised true 90’s sound played on old analogue equipment trying to replicate true 60’s sounds – boy it works.

Now the down side some of these later tracks are true “clean” digital sounds recorded on top flight kit – so some of the true 60’s gritty feel gets a little bit lost but, hey, enjoy the music.


Release: B2M003

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