Lighting – Stairville xBrick Quad 16x8W RGBW Colour changer

01 August 2014

Stairville xBrick Quad 16x8W RGBW Compact 4 channel colour changer. Operated from either a central DMX control desk or remote stage operated foot controller or even a simple hand held four button unit (nice and cheap too).

Four of these mounted on lighting stands and Speakers form our “Compact high light output multi colour staged light show”. We originally used to use two bars of four “500 watt PAR CANS” these proved to be less reliable and were also prone to frequent bulb failure then we used 2 Stairville HL-40 DMX. They also took up more space in the truck so they were eventually retired and the more compact “Stairville xBRICK” units moved in.

Visit www.thomann.de for some good deals on these sound operated units.

Simple but very effective and they aid quicker setup and teardown times which is important for bands like us. Pro’s and Con’s.

Pro’s. Simple and quick to setup with a built in microphone to allow it to run in automatic mode without a controller if needed. Secondly, the cost of the lamp replacements is cheaper than the cost of a 500 watt par can lamp and the HL-40s lamps as they are LED and will last 1000’s of hours . Finally they use less electricity, so running costs are truly less. It does have a loop on mains cable socket to chain two units together. It has a DIP switch with selectable address’s and a DMX IN and OUT control socket. Finally it can be floor standing or pole mounting….cool huh?

Con’s. It does not come with a built in mains cable (and its power connector is not clamped in either) so intermittent falling out plugs etc is a possibility. The simple controller is not very good or simple to use.


xBRICK from Thomann.de
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