02 July 2014

OK on the cross over side we have the poor mans Behringer 3 way Xover. Nice unit, click position pots (which don’t vibrate round when in the truck), complete with limiters as well, nice unit for the bucks. The unit is a CX3400.

Next we have the weight reducers. A pair of Thomann Amps. A Thomann T.Amp D3400 and D2800. Digital Amps without the weight. OK OK I know these amps are prone to melting and cutting out under duress. However if you choose your amp and speaker rating carefully and DONT over run them they will survive well. So thats the BASS and MIDS taken care of. 1800 watts per side on the bottom end and a cool 1500 watts per side on the mids (we run these at around 750 watts impedance matched).

Back into the heavy weights. The Mackie’s. A 2600 FR Series amp. Big. Butch. Loud, but bloody heavy. This one runs the side fills and the drum monitors. A top of that one we have another Mackie, this time an FR 1400i,  at 550 watts a side, this one runs the horns YES! THE HORNS! Wicked top end on this rig and we don’t melt any drivers either (massive headroom).

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